New Year is here

Ok, there's still a month to go but I have decided to start on my resolutions a bit early. I need to frequently blog and explore new stuff simply for the fun of it and this is the beginning of it.

My first exploration is going to be Reactjs. Heard a lot about it. Even checked it out about 6 months back but got distracted and forgot about it. So this is my second attempt at learning it.

I tried out the series which was recently updated to consider the latest Reactjs release and uses ES6 - liked the content a lot and completed the course so I am now moving on to creating some apps using it.

The most important difference here as opposed to working with AngularJS is that ReactJS is literally the V in MVC. It deals only with the views and I am finding it quite a challenge to think only in terms of the view coming from an AngularJS background.

I have set my eyes on Pete Hunt's One Hour React Email. While it lacks basic documentation, I figured out that the "one hour email" comes from the fact that he wrote the entire application in a little over an hour - see the commits. Again, coming from an AngularJS background where I was pampered with a Awesome Angularjs tutorial (one of the best I have ever come across), I was expecting the same here too but I quickly realized that I had to go through each commit and determine what changes were carried out. This works too, just requires some additional effort.

That app however is very outdated. It uses React 0.3 whereas we are now in React 0.14. Moreover, ES6 is being adopted and what I have in mind is to follow that app, rewrite it in React 0.14 using ES6 and also improve the documentation / deployment to make it easy for somebody like me to immediately follow how the app was built without having to figure it out for themselves by going through the commit messages.

Wish me luck!